TAM Flight Price Discrepancy: CGH-CNF $189 Versus R$200


Welcome to the world of weird airline flight pricing that I have covered previously here on LoyaltyLobby too.

Flight Price Discrepencency U

Airlines often price the flights based on the market and may also limit the fare class availability depending where the request is coming from.

You can access Expedia’s website here.

Here TAM (or called LATAM since last week) price for CGH-CNF:


Expedia.com LATAM CGH-CNF


Expedia.com.br LATAM CGH-CNF

The price on the US website is $189.93 compared to 200.68 BRL on Expedia’s Brazil website.

Note that is a fare class difference (US X & Brazil G) and there could be differences on earning miles (wouldn’t care for a short flight like this) or cancellation/changes fees.

If you don’t need flexibility, the price on Expedia’s Brazil website is $57.10 and not $189.93. The price is in fact 232% higher if purchased outside of Brazil.


These price differences do go the other way as well. When only very high fare classes are available for purchase within Brazil, I have purchased the very same flights on the US website for less. This is fairly rare though.

What the airlines are doing are having a low SITI (Sold Inside – Ticketed Inside) price and then charging higher price for SOTO (Sold Outside – Ticketed Outside). They expect that foreigners are willing to pay a higher price for the same flights.

I hate dealing with airline websites and usually use Expedia whenever possible or competent travel agent for complicated itineraries that require multiple stopovers and specific fare classes.

Expedia doesn’t care where your credit card is issued or whether the credit card holder is traveling (these are usually headaches when dealing directly with the airlines).

Also, seems that I can now use my Expedia US log in to sign in to the Brazil website. It had all the credit cards and travelers on file. Perfect!