Fabulous Fridays: Flying Blue Service Desk At Schiphol’s KLM Crowne Lounge


Fabulous Friday’s this week visits something that I have yet to see other airplanes to implement at their main hub besides KLM.

Fabulous Fridays Flying Blue Service Desk At Schiphol's KLM Crowne Lounge

I took couple of KLM flights last week and again early this week. I didn’t have my Flying Blue number on the reservation because I was not quite sure where I would credit the miles. At the end, I decided that I may as well credit them to Flying Blue (other options were Alaska, Delta or Alitalia).

When I was at the Crowne lounge, I asked the attendant manning the entrance if they can see my bag status (was coming from another airline and not sure if it made the flight). I was told to see one of the agents on the other side of the podium.

Walked to the other side and the lady told me that she cannot access the bag status but that the gate agent could.

I read the sign that was on her desk and turns out that she was the Flying Blue customer service agent. I asked her to check if my FB number was on the last set of lights and gave her the boarding pass for the first two flights as well.

To my surprise all the four flights were posted to my account immediately including the last flight I was about to take.

Here are the Flying Blue service desk hours (sorry for the blurry photo!):

  • Monday to Friday: 6AM – 9PM
  • Saturday: 6AM – 8PM
  • Sunday: Closed


This is a great service from KLM to have someone handling Flying Blue matters at their main Schengen lounge at the Schiphol airport. I wish that other airlines would institute something similar (especially Etihad @ AUH considering the trouble they have getting partners to credit their flights and the endless follow up emails required).

Turkish Airlines has Miles&Smiles service desk at the Ataturk airport (outside of the lounge) that can print membership cards. Not sure if they can handle other Miles&Smiles related matters.