Compensation Clinic: Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email last week regarding getting walked (moved to another hotel) when checking in to the Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy hotel at 1AM.

Compensation Clinic Grand Mercure

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You can access Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy’s website here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

FYI, an very internesting experience at Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore.

I booked a room in this hotel almost a month ago on and prepaid it. I received an email to remind me online check-in available in 48 hr before arrival, therefore I have done the online check in, also informed hotel that I would arrive after 23:00.

On 17 May early morning at 01:10am, I arrived the hotel and been told by the duty manager that no more rooms available and I had to go to Novtel Clark, but they paid for transport. I asked the reason and none of them could tell me, and I told them that I prepaid the room almost 1 month ago and online check-in 48 hours in advance, why my room was not ready and sold again?

I made a complaint on via member service, as I am a gold member. An Accor representative called me on 20th May that educate me that actually was my mistake, I shouldn’t arrive hotel after 00:00, and she clearly told me that Accor hotels won’t guarantee my room and hotel has the right to cancel my room upon availability, even I have prepaid the room with online check-in. That’s very interesting. I asked her further what happen if the guests have morning arrival flight? She couldn’t answer and repeated again that’s not hotel’s fault.

I passed on this message back to Mercure Roxy, and am still waiting for their reply.

I am not sure if you are interested in my case, as I am a frequent traveler and it’s my first time had this issue, although I am sure the Accor representative was bullshiting the policy and trying to convict me.

Here’s original reply from the hotel:

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience at Grand Mercure Roxy with Accor Member Services.

On that day, due to an error at our end, our room situation was overbooked. When you arrived at our hotel, our first priority was to arrange for a quick and smooth transfer to another hotel in order to minimise any further delay in the check in process and to prevent any further inconvenience caused. We have also selected our sister’s hotel at Novotel Clarke Quay for a better location. However, upon your arrival at Novotel Clarke Quay, the benefits of a welcome drinks was not provided.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the lapse of service and the inconvenience caused. Please rest assured that I have addressed this with the department concerned in order to avoid such repetition.

Once again, thank you  for sharing your experience. Please let me know when you are planning to return to Singapore, I will upgrade you to our suite room with executive lounge access [including breakfast, and evening drinks].

I hope to be able to welcome you back in the near future and to make your next visit most enjoyable.

Here’s the reader’s reply to the email below:

I’m glad to receive this apology letter from the hotel. Please investigate that I also received a phone call (+86-21-23099112) from Accor plus on 20th of May. An Accor Plus representative lady said that she had received my complaint letter which I made via Accor member service. She emphasized that it’s actually my mistake as I shouldn’t have arrived in the early morning after 00:00. I told her that I had reserved a room for 16th  of May to 17th of May. She educated me that the hotel has the right to cancel my reservation if I don’t arrive before 00:00. I discussed with her further that I had already paid for the room almost a month ago, and done the online check-in 48 hours in advance, as well as informed the hotel that I would arrive after 23:00 on 16th of May. She advised me that Accor hotels do not guarantee the room’s availability in such situation, which is totally ridiculous and conflicts with Accor Elite member’s benefit on room guarantee.  I am actually ready to share this information on Facebook , Trip advisor and Twister that Accor representative advised that It’s not permitted to check-in in any Accor hotels after 00:00, and room booking can be cancelled even it was prepaid with online check-in. That will definitely be a big news on the policy of Accor Chain. I seek for clarification from your end about this.

For my experience at Grand Mercure Roxy

I travelled on Business class of Singapore Airlines, and I have complimentary nap room at the Silver Kris lounge. The reason I booked a room in this hotel is I would like to relax and rest well. Obviously, I didn’t rest well for the following reasons:

(1) I arrived at 01:10am in the early morning and expected to take a hot shower and rest well. However, I had been told to go to another hotel Novotel, where I checked in at around 02:15am in the morning, which was an hour later.

(2) I booked a King bed room but the hotel passed on a wrong message of twin-bed room to Novotel.

For my experience at Novotel Clark

(1) No recognition of Gold membership, it’s very different from other Accor hotels, and no welcome drink was offered.

(2) Twin-bed room but I had no strength to change again, I expected to have a King bed room.

(3) As I arrived at around 2:20 am in the morning, I went to bed at around 3am. I expected to have a good sleep until 11:00am and get ready to go to airport at 11:30am, but the noise of electric drilling from somewhere upstairs woke me up at around 9:10. I raised this issue to Kumi Kanan, the Senior Quality service executive when she see off me for taxi.

Base on the terrible experiences above, do you think I should still be charged for the room?

And here’s the offer from Grand Mercure:

Greetings from Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

We noted your feedback from email dated 23 May 2016. Your reservation was prepaid, and thus guaranteed. Therefore, checking in late should not be a problem. I have shared your feedback with Accor Plus and Kumi from Novotel Clarke Quay, respectively. Please allow me, once again to apologise on behalf of Accor Plus and Novotel Clarke Quay.

I am sorry that your visit with us did not meet your expectation. In order to restore your confidence with us, for your next visit to Singapore, we would like to offer you a one night complimentary stay in our suite room inclusive of Executive Lounge excess  or a refund of SGD$108.87 for the night of 16 May 2016 that you have paid; kindly advise us of your preference.

And here’s reader’s reply to me:

Regarding my previous email, I have received an email from hotel management Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy. I am happy with their compensation.

However, the Accor Plus representative from China with the caller number  (+86-21-23099112) was unprofessional and unintelligent.


Le Club AccorHotels Gold member books and prepays the room. Then the person uses the online check in option to let the hotel know that the arrival time is past 11PM. At 1AM the person is walked to Novotel hotel. Accor Plus customer “service” team member lectures the person that the room can be released if not checked in by midnight.

Utter nonsense! Many hotels require you to book the night before IF you want to ensure early check in the following day. The person here was just coming up some nonsense rules that proves how little these agents know.

And I don’t believe that the compensation offered was adequate. They should have refunded the payment and offered complimentary night on a future stay. Having to move to another hotel at 1AM when you just have a longer than usual connection and booked the hotel to be able to sleep few hours is just bad.

Le Club AccorHotels should have clearly communicated walk in policy that the properties should adhere to. The absolute minimum should be that the charge is waived for the night and enough points for a one night stay at the same level property is issued for the inconvenience.

Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy tried to get away merely moving the guest to other hotel.