Smiles Miles Reactivation Email For Cash (Hour After Expired!)

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Last week, I wrote (access here) a reminder that those that purchase Gol Smiles year ago at very attractive price should pay close attention to the expiry date that was rapidly approaching.

Smiles Reactivation

I also criticized that Smiles has not been sending out any emails when your miles would expire. They did, however, send an offer to reactivate Smiles an hour later they had expired!


Seems that they are really running a shady shop. No email reminders sent out that your miles are about to expire but reactivation offer sent within an hour after their expiry.

No hard feelings. I had 4,100 Smile expire because had no use for them. Got couple of domestic tickets issued that required just 8,000 miles each before the expiry date and the Qatar Airways business class award redemption (read more here). I certainly got my moneys worth.