IHG Rewards Club Share Forever Registration & Tracking Issues?


IHG Rewards Club launched their Americas Summer promotion called Share Forever back in April (read more here and here) that is valid for stays May 1 – September 5, 2016.

IHG Rewards Club Share Forever Tracking Issues

Seems that IHG Rewards Club (yet again) has issues when it comes to the promo registration and the dashboard updating, although the promo has already run for a month.

You can access IHG’s web page for Share Forever promo here.

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Here’s my dashboard:

IHG Rewards Club Share Forever Tracking Issues Dashboard

I have already had more than 10 qualifying paid nights posted to my account for stays past May 1 and nothing is tracking.

I sent an email to Ambassador service center and here’s the reply:

Warm greetings from InterContinental Ambassador!

Foremost, our apologies for any confusion incurred.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that like all other IHG Rewards Club promotional offers, members are required to register towards “IHG and Coca-ColaShare Forever 2016” promotion first for succeeding nights to qualify for the bonus offer. The said promotion runs from 01 May 2016 to 05 September 2016.

Our records regrettably show that your account is not registered to the “IHG and Coca-Cola Share Forever 2016” offer. Please be advised that night completed prior to the promotion registration will not count towards the offer activity.

We hope this addresses your concern. Should you need further clarification towards this concern, kindly call our service center directly.

I replied with a screenshot of my registration confirmation email dated April 12th and here’s an update:

Thank you for your reply.

We would like to inform you that the Share Forever online dashboard is not working yet hence, it does not reflect your qualifying nights. Please know that this has already been reported and an e mail notification will be sent o you once we get a fix. In the meantime, we would like to reassure you that all of your stays made after the registration date will count towards the offer.

We hope we have assisted in clarifying your query. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our office directly.


You would think that after running 10+ promotions with (supposedly) updating promo dashboards IHG Rewards Club could have finally got this right?

The first reply from the Ambassador service center was utterly rubbish and puts the entire program in a bad light. If they copy/paste replies such as this to their Royal Ambassador members, what others can expect?

So, the promo dashboard has now not updated for a month. I am actually soon at the 15 nights mark that would allow me to gift a free night. Would rather do it sooner than later. I truly hope that IHG Rewards Club would get this issue fixed ASAP!

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