What Does It Take To Land On China’s Infamous Travel Blacklist? – Eight Rules!


The China National Tourist Administration has released an official list of actions that are severe enough to land individuals on the infamous Travel Blacklist which restricts offenders from traveling abroad.

Cherrytree Climb CNMainland Chinese citizens who are being found guilty of certain offenses will find themselves confronted with a travel ban ranging from 1-5 years depending on the severity of their misdeeds.

Chinese have been making headlines for years given the atrocious behavior of some tourists that went above and beyond anything acceptable such as defecating in public, chanting the national anthem in protest of a flight cancellation or climbing into cherry trees during the Sakura festival.

Authorities so far had to respond to each case individually without following specific guidelines but now that a set list of rules is out the fun appears to be over and people should know in advance what awaits them (not that most of these savages would bother to consult the list but well…).

Here is a copy of what CCTV posted on their Facebook page:

CCTV Blacklist Rules

CNTA established eight types of misconduct which can land someone on the blacklist after the large amount of bad publicity which gave Chinese travelers a bad reputation all over the world:

1) Interfering with aircraft or public transport;

2) Damaging public facilities;

3) Offending local traditions, cultures or living habits;

4) Destroying cultural and historical relics;

5) Participating in gambling, prostitution or drug use;

6) Threatening public, personal or property safety;

7) Damaging ecosystem, breaking wildlife protection regulations;

8) Other behavior that causes a negative impact.

Especially point eight leaves the authorities room for interpretation depending on what people have up their sleeves in the future.

There is also a related article on Shanghaiist (see here) that has a nice collection of past incidents including many of which were covered here on LoyaltyLobby in the past.


Tourists of all nations misbehave all over the world but unfortunately the Chinese earned a bad reputation over time that caused embarrassment and concern for the country’s leadership. With China becoming more and more affluent many people can afford to travel and are often unfamiliar with local customs and proper behavior in general.