Spider Attack: Customer Live Tweets From His Spider Infested Hertz Rental Car


A Hertz Rent a Car customer had a horrific encounter with spiders that nested in the car he received at Ft. Myers in Florida.

Spider AttackThe man live tweeted his encounter to Hertz who ended up coming to his rescue and exchanged the car at the location where he was waiting.

Those who hate spiders (myself included) and all other crawling creatures will certainly feel for the guy who all of a sudden found himself overcome with hundreds of small spiders a while after getting in his car that he just received from Hertz.

I read about it through an article of KARE 11 a NBC news outlet in Minneapolis (see here).

As a FEMA contractor, Chris Tarantino knows how to deal with disasters. But on Tuesday an emergency caught him off guard: thousands of spiders swarming inside of his rental car.

“It was like a spider tornado hit the front seat,” said the now-safe Rochester man.

Tarantino is a contractor for FEMA who travels the country holding classes for emergency workers on topics like social media for disaster response and recovery. He flew to Fort Myers to teach Florida’s disaster staff Thursday. …

Tarantino was just reaching in his backseat to grab something out of his backpack when it happened. At first, he thought maybe the sun was playing tricks on him.

“It wasn’t until I looked a few times that I realized the gravity of the situation,” Tarantino said. “I’m just glad they didn’t decide to hatch while I was driving, or else I’d be dead.”

That these spiders hatched right during his lunch break was really bad timing but as he noted it could have been worse had the car been in motion at the time. After he got out safely his epic series of tweets began.

Spider TweetsWhile waiting for a replacement car through Hertz Roadside Assistance Chris decided to have a little break and take it easy.

Spider BreakEventually they reached him and exchanged the car, taking the spider infested vehicle away through a tow truck.

He said when he sent out that tweet, he thought it was between 20 and 50 [spiders].

“This didn’t just happen,” he remembers thinking. He called Hertz, informed them of the hellscape that once was a Dodge Charger.

“I told them I’d drive it to them,” he said. “I can handle it, I’m a pro,” he remembers thinking.

“In my professional opinion, it wasn’t a disaster yet,” Tarantino said. HE. WAS. WRONG.

He said the Hertz folks were kind and took responsibility. He even got the manager’s cell phone number to expedite his rescue. The only thing that pushed it along quicker was the beer. (Cheers.)

Hertz took away the insect-overrun car — no, no one drove it; Hertz took the devil car away on a flat-bed truck — and delivered Tarantino a new Dodge Charger “just without the spiders.”

Hertz responded to his tweets in kind.

Hertz ReplyAfter all they exchanged his rented Dodge Charger against a new one. I’d have thought that after this ordeal they would have brought him something nice but I guess the type of car wasn’t really a priority for the customer after the encounter.


Infestations in cars are a real pain in the rear and one can be lucky if it’s just a rental car and not ones personal vehicle. In this case it appears Hertz responded fast and professional to supply the customer with a new car while it likely takes a while to have an exterminator take care of the spiderpocalypse that goes on in the other Dodge Charger.

Let’s hope Hertz took care of Chris in another way when he returned his car.