Reader Question: InterContinental Royal Ambassador Requalification Criteria?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question couple of days ago regarding requalifying for InterContinental Royal Ambassador status.

Reader Question InterContinental Royal Ambassador Requalification Criteria

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You can access InterContinental Royal Ambassador web page here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

You aware that royal ambassador criteria have been changes to “by invitation only”?

Last membership year I had over 60 nights with IHG, over 50 with them with IC’s in 12 locations.

When I checked my membership card today I found out I was set back to ambassador. Spoke with ambassador line and they told me Royal was by invitation only and I no longer was part of the top 1% of IC customers.

Only in October I made Royal and have enjoyed the benefits. Was just disappointed that there was no communication from IHG about the degradation or the renewal.  It would was my expectation I would be able to enjoy the Royal benefits for the remainder of the membership  year and the next year, like is the case with most other loyalty programs.

Here’s my follow up:

Were any of these 60 nights awards and if yes how many?

And here’s the reader’s reply:

A few were reward nights but I made over 61 paid nights with IHG and 49 with IC.

Did some further investigation and found out on insideflyer that this change was made earlier only it wasnt mentioned on any of the blogs – they only wrote that the qualification was now mentioned in the T&C’s in.

I have covered here on LoyaltyLobby all the qualification changes over the years.

InterContinental Royal Ambassador has had the following requirements over the past few years:

Qualification requirement in 2014 (read more here):

– 60 qualifying nights (remember award nights are now qualifying as well)

– 20 nights at InterContinental hotels

– 3 different InterContinental hotels

Ambassador service center was emailing out the following requirement in 2015 (read more here):

– 75 total nights

– Minimum of 30 InterContinental nights

– At least three different InterContinental hotels

– Only paid nights count

Spokesperson confirmed the following requirements in 2015 (read more here):

– 60 nights with IHG (supposedly paid per the earlier T&Cs)

– Minimum 20 nights at InterContinental hotels

– Must stay at least three different InterContinentals

I have contacted IHG’s Spokesperson last week regarding the Royal Ambassador qualification/requalification requirements, but have not heard back yet besides trying to get the info.

The reader should call again and ask to speak with a supervisor. They should do a manual count of the qualifying stays. The number of nights should be adequate as well as the number of different InterContinental hotels stayed at.


My personal Royal Ambassador status is running out at the end of September and the requalification should take place in late August or early September.

I hope that the IHG spokesperson gets back to me after consulting with the loyalty side what the current requirements really are.

Have readers had they Royal Ambassador status renewed recently and if yes with how many stays (total paid nights, number of InterContinental nights and number of different InterContinental hotels stayed at)?