Possible Oslo Airport Strike On Friday Canceling All Departures

Seems that it is a strike season in Europe and especially in Norway that just recently had prolonged strike with some hotel employees.

Oslo Airport Strike

The more than 500 airport employees that handle everything from security to baggage handling at the Oslo airport are scheduled to go strike at 6AM on Friday morning.

You can access Oslo airport’s website here.

Here’s the info from the airport:

As of Thursday evening, the situation between NHO Service and Parat remains unresolved. Avinor Oslo Airport continues planning efforts, with a view toward a possible strike.

Oslo Airport has previously warned that the security check will be closed from 06.00 hours on Friday, 10 June, based on the notice of collective work stoppage from Parat. This is because reduced capacity will result in significant security challenges. Normal operations will continue at Oslo Airport until such time as the potential strike is implemented.

Oslo Airport will keep the security check open as long as possible, and hopes to make the situation as easy as possible for passengers.

“We have decided to keep the security check open for as long as it is safe and sound to do so. The situation is under continuous evaluation by Oslo Airport, in close dialogue with the police and other entities. The number of people in the departures hall and behind the security check will determine whether we can keep the security check open. The issue is how many people we are allowed to have in the terminal at any given time, according to fire regulations,” says head of communications Joachim Westher Andersen.

Major consequences

Travellers are encouraged to report at the airport as normal. If the number of travellers exceeds what is prudent, we may be forced to shut down the security check before a potential strike occurs.

“We are doing everything we can to make sure traffic flows optimally, given the constraints we have. Unfortunately, a potential strike will have major consequences for everyone who is headed out to travel,” says Andersen.

“At the same time, we also want to encourage travellers to travel with hand luggage only, insofar as possible. This will help ease the strain on the baggage facility.

All transfer traffic will run normally, with the exception of Connecting Norway, which will close at 14.00 hours, and for travellers transferring from international to domestic flights. This will be closed when the security check shuts down.

Oslo Airport will provide continuous updates on the situation via its website, in social media, as well as via traditional media channels.

And here’s info from TheLocal (access the entire article here):

Avinor, the company that runs Norway’s 46 state-owned airports, said it will have no choice but to ground all outgoing flights from Oslo Airport if the workers strike.

“With the extreme capacity reduction we are facing, the departures hall will quickly fill up, thus causing considerable security challenges. Our experience indicates that situations with such large crowds of people can be quite trying for some passengers, and we do not want a situation where we put travellers at risk,” said head of communications at Oslo Airport, Joachim Westher Andersen.

“Therefore, if there is a strike, we will shut down completely for departing passengers,” he added.


These strikes are often called off at the very last minute when deal is stroke or then not. There is a chance that all the outgoing flights from Oslo airport are canceled tomorrow. This would likely lead to cancellation for most of the incoming flights as well.

Why would airlines fly to the airport from where they cannot pick up passengers and at worst they aircraft would get stuck?

Remember that in case there is a strike all the Community carriers (EU + Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland) are required to provide care (food + hotel) for those affected due to this strike. Also non-Community carriers are required to provide this for flights operating from Oslo that may end up being canceled. There is no cash compensation, however.