Delta Data Back At ExpertFlyer

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ExpertFlyer is a tools that allows travelers to check flight availability, fare and routing rules, seat info, and has award availability for many, although not all, airlines.

ExpertFlyer Delta Air Lines Data

ExpertFlyer and Delta has a public spat back in 2014 when Delta forced the service to first remove the upgrade availability and later ALL information regarding to Delta. Now, everything else besides Delta upgrade availability is back, however.

You can access ExpertFlyer website here.

Here’s info that ExpertFlyer sent out:

We’re happy to announce that the previously missing DL data has been restored to ExpertFlyer. The only exception is that DL Upgrade inventory, which Delta is still not allowing access to, is not available. However regular fare class inventory/availability/alerting and all other searches (Seat Maps/Alerts, Fares, etc.) are available again for DL. This is in addition to the previously released low/saver-level DL Award inventory.

Please note, for the Flight Availability search, DL flights will only be returned when DL is the only airline specified in the search.

As always, the full list of supported Award & Upgrade airlines/classes for searching and alerting is available here:

If you encounter any issues or have questions about specific searches, please email us directly at with the details about the search and results.

We hope that you find ExpertFlyer helpful in your travel planning. As always, thank you for your continued support of ExpertFlyer.

Delta LAX-JFK availability:

ExpertFlyer Delta Data Flight Availability

Delta LAX-JFK fares:

ExpertFlyer Delta Data Fares

Delta LAX-JFK awards:

ExpertFlyer Delta Data Award Availability


I have found ExpertFlyer to be invaluable for information about fares available between markets, fare rules (very important!) and routing information. Airlines don’t usually have this information readily available on their websites.

Good that ExpertFlyer has now access again to Delta information besides the upgrade inventory. Not sure where they are pulling the information from this time.