** EXPIRED** Aeromexico Club Premier Status Match Promotion For 6 Months SkyTeam Status – Get Your Application In!


** EXPIRED** Aeromexico had published a new status match promotion for a variety of airlines to be matched to a Club Premier equivalent.

Aeromexico Status MatchAeromexico will match your status for an initial 6 month period during which you have to collect 40% of the usual required mileage for an extension.

This is a good opportunity for those whose SkyTeam status from the Alitalia Match has run or having missed it completely.

You can access the Aeromexico Status Match page here.

The status match requires you to open a Premier Plus account in advance and provide the following documents:

– A copy of your latest FFP statement confirming your elite status
– A copy of your current program membership card
– A copy of your official photo ID

The application is being processed through the landing page.

Aeromexico has provided tables to show which status will be matched to which equivalent.

Aeromexico Matches 1Aeromexico Matches 2Club Premier Platinum comes with SkyTeam Elite Plus Status which includes lounge access and other high priority services. You can access details of the different status levels here.


As per the terms and conditions this match will only be valid for 6 months so you might want to time your application properly if you have a specific purpose. On the other hand remember that this promotion can be withdrawn at anytime so it’s always about outweighing the priorities. Often it’s the early bird that catches the status.


Terms & Conditions of the promotion at the time of this article:

  • Comply with all Elite Match application requirements
  • Submit the following documents via email:
    – A fully completed Elite Match application
    – A copy of your latest FFP statement confirming your elite status
    – A copy of your current program membership card
    – A copy of your official photo ID
  • The statement must contain the name and level of the program you belong to
  • The personal data contained in your membership information must match the information on your official ID
  • Aeromexico will inform you if your application is approved or denied.
  • Aeromexico reserves the right to deny acceptance as a Club Premier Platino or Club Premier Oro member if the information submitted by the applicant is false, incomplete, or for any reason it deems appropriate.
  • This applies only to other airline Frequent Flyer Programs
  • Club Premier reserves the right to ask for the passenger’s original current Frequent Flyer Program statement in order to process the application.
  • Club Premier reserves the right to award Club Premier Platino or Club Premier Oro status based on the equivalency level table.
  • Airline requests not included in the equivalency table will be awarded Club Premier Platino or Club Premier Oro status according to Aeromexico criteria considering the corresponding airline’s loyalty programs levels.
  • If accepted, the awarded status will be valid for six months and can be maintained if at least 40% of the required Premier Points for that status level are earned during this period.
  • Aeromexico will assess the client’s status at the end of the six-month period.
  • Once the Elite Match membership is approved, members that do not meet the awarded status conditions at the end of the six-month period, will no longer qualify for this benefit.
  • Elite Match can only be approved once per applicant.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to changes without notice.

If approved by Club Premier, the matching process will proceed based on the Equivalency Table included below.

  • Applications will not be accepted in the following situations:
  • Incomplete applications
  • Missing documents
  • Documents have been clearly altered
  • Illegible applications
  • The current membership status is not equivalent to Club Premier Platino or Club Premier Oro levels
  • The applicant has an approved application in the system

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