IHG Rewards Club Best Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions Update June 9, 2016


IHG Rewards Club has again tinkered with the Terms and conditions of its’ Best Price Guarantee program that promises a free first night if you can find a lower price.

IHG Rewards Club Best Price Guarantee Update June 9 2016

There has been so many changes over the years and the most recent previous change was that you need to book the lowest available rate on IHG’s website (such as breakfast exclusive) and you cannot compare that to breakfast inclusive rate on a third party site.

You can access IHG’s web page for the Best Price Guarantee here.

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Here’s the new change:

IHG Rewards Club Best Price Guarantee Update June 9 2016 Change

Now all the IHG affiliated hotels in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are excluded from the Best Price Guarantee:

Change date:

IHG Rewards Club Best Price Guarantee Update June 9 2016 Date

IHG Claims that they haven’t changed the Best Price Guarantee program terms and conditions since September 25, 2015, but this simply is not true. This change was made on June 9, 2016.


On its’ current form I consider the IHG Best Price Guarantee to be the most worthless of all the chains that I cover.

They genuinely used to be dole out free nights when third party sites were selling them at a cheaper price. They have kept adding terms and conditions making it more restrictive to a point that I personally don’t bother anymore.

You may get a reply to a invalid claim within few hours, but your valid claim is simply “lost”. There is no email confirmation or tracking number from IHG when they receive these claims.

IHG should redo the entire Best Price Guarantee program and formulate it along the SPG one that is truly the best one. They only compare the prices, match the lower one and you can choose between 2,000 bonus Starpoints or an additional 20% off.

The fact that they now exclude China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan from the guarantee altogether just proves that they simply cannot GUARANTEE to have the lowest prices on their own website (when hotels are dumping inventory on third party platforms).