Whine Wednesdays: Badly Designed Airline Lounges


What is the purpose of airline lounges if they are so badly designed, regardless how beautiful, that working in them is impossible?


Couple of weeks back, I visited three lounges in a same day on my flights within Europe and was hit with two lounges where working was very difficult.

SATA lounge Ponta Delgada – BAD


No tables at all. If I hadn’t been there any longer, I would have moved to one of the tables outside of the lounge belonging to F&B outlet (and used the WiFi from the lounge).

ANA Lounge Lisbon – BAD


The lounge is called ANA but has nothing to do with the airline using the same name. This lounge is used by TAP and number of other airlines.

The lounge is nicely designed but there is simpy ZERO surfaces where you could put your laptop and type away. There are plenty of these very low tables that will get your back hurting soon if you put your laptop there.

KLM Crown Club (Schengen) Amsterdam – GOOD

WW KLM Crown CLuv

The last lounge of the day was good to get some work done. They had these communal tables that were just perfect for eating, reading and for laptops.


If you cannot get work done in the lounges, they are simply badly designed. Lounges are used by among others business people that need to get their laptop out.

This reminds me what I learned at some design classes I took back in the business school. Form versus function. Product is useless, regardless how beautiful or good looking it might be, if it doesn’t fill the requirement. The first two lounges were basically designed by people that don’t know the requirements of the travelers using them.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that you need surfaces at the correct level to get some papers or your laptop out.

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