Fabulous Fridays: Great Fruit Amenities


Fabulous Fridays has covered drinking and dining previously but I think that we have missed some of the great fruit presentations that hotels put up for their guests.

Fabulous Fridays Fruit Amenities

You come across these more often in Asia, but I have three examples here from Europe and South America that I have come across during my recent stays.

Furnas Boutique Hotel (Azores – Part of Design Hotels)

Furnas Boutique Hotel

Westin Malta

Westin Malta

Sheraton Grand Rio

Sheraton Grand Rio


It is always nice when hotel makes an effort to present something nicely. I have to say that I was surprised with that rather large knife that the Design Hotel amenity came up with in Furnas but it was perfect to cut the pineapple.

These amenities came to my mind when I wrote about Hilton watering down Diamond amenities in the UK and Ireland (read more here).

Have you come across nice fruit amenities lately? Upload your picture to the comments section below.