Marriott Rewards Mobile Check In Email (Cryptic, Confusing & Plain Wrong)


A LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me an email that Marriott Rewards had sent out on behalf of the hotel he was staying at.

Marriott Rewards App Check In Email

The email is cryptic, confusing and plainly misleading when it comes to the guaranteed elite benefits and checking in using the app that is completely useless (before you can use your phone to enter your room/suite bypassing the front desk altogether).

You can access the Marriott Rewards updated benefits here.

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Here’s the email:

Marriott Rewards App Check In Email BenefitsMarriott Rewards App Check In Email Benefits More

My Comments:

Priority Room assignment?

You can indicate your arrival time and, if the hotel can check you in before the “official” check in time, you will get notification that your room is ready. There is no early check in privilege for elite members. Many properties do check in early if they have rooms/suites available.

Priority Upgrades?

Sounds that you would get upgraded better if checking in using the app. The text then states that you would merely be informed if upgrade is available. How is this different from today? You can check your reservation and usually if the property has upgraded you beforehand it shows the upgraded room/suite as the room type.

Priority Late Checkout?

This gets very confusing again. Gold and Platinum members are eligible for 4PM check out besides at the hotels that are classified as resorts or convention properties (you can find the list here). Now this make it sound like the hotel can again decide whether to offer this one or not.


Personally, I don’t see zero reason to use apps or online tools to check into the hotel unless program is offering bonus points to do so. Many times the front desk agent provides far better upgrade than originally assigned

I am not surprised that the reader was confused about the wording that Marriott uses here considering the recently launched CONFIRMED Gold and Platinum benefits such as the 4PM check out time. The email make it sound that you only get “priority” late check out when checking in using the app.