Whine Wednesdays: Do Not Disturb?


Seems that I end up whining about these Do Not Disturb signs at least once a year. I still cannot get it why housekeeping at some hotels has such a difficulty honoring them?

Whine Wednesdays Do Not Disturb

The other night, I was staying at the Marriott hotel in Santiago de Chile and this time the violator was not the maid but the housekeeping supervisor herself!

I couldn’t sleep well on Monday night at all and by noon on Tuesday I was so tired that I knew not being able to get through the day without having a nap.

Put the DND sign hanging outside the suite door and went to sleep. Woke up an hour later hearing someone knocking at the door. Got up and turned out that it was the housekeeping supervisor checking if the suite had been cleaned or whether I had left already.

When I asked if she understood what the Do Not Disturb sign means, she just replied that she cannot speak English.


Picked up the phone and called the Manager on Duty that gave the usual lip service about the incident and promised to get back to me before I check out at 4PM. This follow up never happened.

Will probably open a case with Marriott customer service regarding this issue and request point compensation. Nothing will happen unless it hits their bottom line and TripAdvisor ranking.

I still don’t understand why hotels cannot have better housekeeping procedures in place? Shouldn’t be that difficult to integrate the information from the front desk which guests have checked out and go to clean those rooms.

If the guest has 4PM check out AND DND hanging outside of the door, it should be clear for the staff that they should NOT enter the room.