China Airlines Cabin Crew Strike


If you are planning to fly on China Airlines in the near future, you should be aware of the cabin crew strike that just started today.

China Airlines Cabin Crew Strike

Most of the cabin crew members (96%) voted in favor of the strike that will lead to flight cancellations and delays.

You can read more about this on Reuters article here of which below is an excerpt:

Taiwan’s largest airline, China Airlines Ltd, said it had cancelled some flights to Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines on Friday as hundreds of its flight attendants prepared to go on strike over changes to their working conditions.

The cancellation of eight out of 92 flights on Friday will affect nearly 1,600 passengers, China Airlines President Chang Yu-hern told a news briefing late Thursday.

China Airlines’ flight attendants have been threatening to strike and the move comes as peak summer season travel begins.

Hundreds of the airlines’ flight attendants protested outside China Airlines office in the capital Taipei on Thursday evening, blocking half of the street and chanting: “Flight attendants strike. We will succeed.”


It seems to be the strike season around the world as the summer travel is heating up.

The reason stated for the strike is the decrease in rest period between flights because flight attendants are now required to report on duty at the international airport instead of the local one.