Now At The Online Travel Agent Of Your Choice: Love Hotels In Tokyo!


Travelers who look for hotels in Tokyo through the well known online booking engines better keep their eyes open during the selection as now the famous Japanese Love Hotels are on sale there as well.

Tokyo Love Hotels

The hotels are designated ‘Adult Hotels’ and usually located in well known entertainment districts so there are some indicators to watch out for.

While these Love Hotels are actually a lot more comfortable and sometimes also a lot cheaper than regular 4 Star hotels in Tokyo it’s not hard to imagine that not everybody would like to stay at a hotel where adult activity is the main purpose of most guests.

Here is how the J-MEX Hotel in Tokyo Kabukicho District is displayed on :

TYO Love Hotels

It is also offered on plenty other OTA’s such as Expedia and so this isn’t an anomaly.


The hotels usually come with interesting equipment such as a karaoke machine, hot tub various themes and interesting mini bars. Mind you, the staff mostly doesn’t speak and English and the labels inside the room are in Japanese only.