Istanbul (IST) Ataturk Airport Explosions & Gunfire


Just a short time ago reports of two explosions and gunfire rocking Istanbul’s main international airport (Ataturk) have started coming in.  Early reports from the government state there have been “multiple injuries” but this is vague at best.


Given other recent terrorist events in Turkey, this will only further harm the image and economy of what is a unique place to visit.About two weeks ago I was in Istanbul for a few nights and was quite shocked at how low the hotel prices had crashed in comparison to a few years back.  Without a doubt this will not help matters in the tourism industry.


Let’s all hope that any injuries or casualties in this latest airport attack are kept to an absolute minimum and we don’t see mass casualties as recent attacks in Europe have seen.

While there seems to be great focus on “in the air” security since 2001, it seems little has been done to beef up the “soft target” of hundreds or thousands of people congregated in the arrivals or departures hall of major airports.  Given these events, let’s hope the experts rethink their strategy.

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