Hainan Airlines Parent Company Takes Delivery Of Ultra Luxurious Boeing 787 Dreamliner BBJ Jet


One of the most luxurious private jets in the world will soon be delivered to Hainan Airlines parent company HNA Group: A Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 787 Dreamliner valued at 320 Mio USD.

BBJ DreamlinerThe jet is set to be reserved for use by the companies CEO and VIP clients with a capacity of 40 passengers to enjoy the amenities of this luxury aircraft.

If you have flown on a variety of private jets before then you might still be impressed by the dimensions, interior and tasteful design of this Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The Business Insider (access here) published a sneak peek of the aircraft thanks to the aviation consulting firm, Kestrel Aviation.

Imagine if you owned a 2,400-square-foot luxury home with the ability to fly you and 39 of your closest friends to anywhere you want in less than 17 hours. Next month, China’s HNA Aviation Group will take delivery of a new Boeing 787-8 private jet. As configured, the 787 Boeing Business Jet, has a range of almost 9,800 miles even when packed with 40 passengers, luggage, and fuel.

With a flying time of about 17 hours, the plane can reach virtually any destination on earth, Kestrel Aviation Management CEO Stephen Vella told Business Insider. From start to finish, the aviation consulting firm, Kestrel Aviation, oversaw the creation of this 787.

Although several 787s have been converted from passenger service to private use, this is the first Dreamliner to be built specifically as a BBJ, Vella said. It is the 143rd Dreamliner to roll out of Boeing’s factory and first flew in December 2013. The plane was delivered to Kestrel in January 2014.

Two years to work on the interior design of the aircraft is quite amazing and so it comes to no surprise that the result of the 100 Mio USD overhaul is astonishing.

If you feel like having a dinner with friends then the Lounge is a good place to kick off the journey.

BBJ 787 Dining LoungeGiven the range of the plane the trip can be quite long so why not take a nap at some point? Of course there is a bedroom for that!

BBJ 787 BedroomAnd to freshen up, a spacious en suite bathroom with shower is readily available for the VIP passenger.

BBJ 787 Bathroom

The plane is equipped with five bathrooms in total though the one pictured above is the most extensive one.

Since no one had done a true Boeing 787 private jet before, Kestrel, along with partners Pierrejean Design Studios and Greenpoint Technologies, had to design and engineer the interior of the aircraft from scratch. In fact, the interior took a year to engineer as well as another year and a half to fabricate and install, Vella said.

The innovative Boeing 787 BBJ is not exactly cheap. The base Boeing 787-8 carries a list price of $224.6 million, while the modifications add another $100 million or so to the price tag.

How is this investment being utilized after delivery to HNA Group? To burst your bubble, it won’t be put on Hainan Airlines routes and it won’t be available for frequent flyer miles either.

Shanghaiist (see here) writes:

According to Vella, the private jet will most likely be used only by the company’s chairman, as well as a few other ultra high-end charter customers.

So you still have a chance but better have that credit card ready and prepared.


China is currently the largest market for private aircraft and it’s still constantly growing. Be it company jets or private, wealthy individuals the limitation right now is more the restrictive air space above China than a lack of funds. Whoever will have the privilege of flying this VIP Dreamliner will certainly have a good time.