IHG Rewards Club “Adjusted Stays” & No Adjustments?

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Something is going on with the IHG Rewards Club accounts right now as you can probably see number of “Adjusted Stays” lines on your online account statement for InterContinental stays.

IHG Rewards Club Adjusted Stays

These “Adjusted Stays” don’t add anything. They merely just reflect some earlier InterContinental stays this year and come with no additional points or nights.

You can access IHG Rewards Club here.

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If you have a stay that for one reason or another first posts as a non-qualifying and you email or call to have it fixed, the corrected stay will be under this very same “Adjusted Stay” moniker but with points and qualifying night(s).


IHG Rewards Club lonely computer must be doing some processing when it comes to past InterContinental stays. Not sure why and for what? These stays were correctly posted already earlier or I had emailed and fixed them.

Non-qualifying stays incorrect postings used to be far common in the past than nowadays. At least IHG has got something better in the past few year.

Now if I would only get my Spire Royal Ambassador portfolio before the year has passed from the requalification and the current Share Forever summer promotion would actually start tracking….