Whine Wednesdays: How Many Personal Items Can You Count?


This week Whine Wednesdays revisits the number of “personal items” that some passengers are trying to carry with them on board. I had similar piece two years ago (access here) when someone was traveling with number of items on LAN flight.

Whine Wednesdays Personal Items

Last week, I came across this lady that was carrying all possible junk with her (no crying monster somewhere there hidden) while going through the exit immigration at the Sao Paulo international airport.

The luggage allowance for flights within and to/from Brazil tends to be very liberal due to regulation by ANAC. All domestic passengers have minimum of 23 kilos of checked luggage allowance and long-haul international passengers usually can check two bags each weighting maximum of 32 kilos.

Here’s GOL’s allowance:


Not sure why this lady was carrying all the junk with which she was really struggling with. She had equal number of bags on the other side. Not sure how the security allowed her through or the check in desk (assuming that she checked something).


Not sure where she was going and what actually happened at the gate. I am really surprised if the employees let her through at boarding considering the number of items.

If you are a hoarder, just buy an additional bag of some sort and check it in. Preferably, check what you actually need and throw others to trash. It cannot be fun to travel with all the crap

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