Marriott Rewards Customer Service Platinum Member Response Time?


The other week, a reader commented that Marriott Rewards customer service message turnaround time was days instead of hours that it used to be.

Marriott Rewards Customer Care Response Time

I decided to do a test last week and that indeed is true. The message turnaround time is not hours or even days but rather a week!

A simple after stay comment about a hotel took week to get a response from the customer care that was the expected that the issue has been forwarded to hotel.


It is rather disappointing that Marriott Rewards has allowed their message response time to slip from hours to a week.

I would rather send an email message that voice my concerns over Twitter or Marriott’s Facebook wall that both would probably yield much faster response.

You would think that it is beneficial for Marriott that members don’t post their issues on public?

Have you had recent interactions with Marriott customer service and how fast or slow did they respond?