Reader Question: Marriott Rewards Lifetime Total Points Disappeared?

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A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email this week regarding the lifetime total points one could previously see online but no more.

Marriott Rewards Lifetime Points Where

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Here’s email from the reader:

It seems that Marriott rewards is no longer reporting the number of points accumulated toward the lifetime status, as of last week. When you click on the link on their website, the number of lifetime nights appears but the number of lifetime points is reported as zero and Marriott Rewards says that they have removed it permanently. Do you know anything about this or how to access it without calling them?

This indeed is the case. When you click the NIGHTS (access here), it merely opens up the info shown above.

Marriott Rewards Lifetime Points

I forwarded the question to Marriott spokesperson and received the following reply:

Lifetime points are still being pulled into the system as they should be. We found a small bug on our site that is preventing them from appearing in the member dashboard. We’ve identified a solution and expect lifetime points to be showing again shortly.


So, the lifetime total points should be back up anytime soon. I have already exceeded the minimum required for the lifetime status (two million) but still need more than hundred nights. Should be done by the end of next year.