Airport Security: No Fireworks Allowed In Baggage – Expect Long Lines On 4th July Weekend!

With the 4th July weekend finally here, one thing we aren’t looking forward to are the long lines at airport security that are often caused by passengers carrying fireworks in their baggage.Airport SecurityThe large amount of leisure travelers during this period paired with the common occurrence that passengers indeed sometimes carry fireworks could mean extra long wait times at security.

This year again, the TSA reminds passengers to observe what items are actually permitted in checked and carry on baggage to make the travel and screening experience as painless as possible.

You can access the announcement at the TSA website (see here).

As the July 4 Independence Day holiday approaches, the Transportation Security Administration wants to remind travelers that fireworks and sparklers are not permitted on airplanes.

Fireworks and sparklers are flammable and are manufactured from explosive materials. They are considered hazardous and forbidden on aircraft in checked baggage or carry-on bags. This applies to all varieties including, but not limited to: aerial repeater fireworks, aerial shell fireworks, bottle rockets, chasers, firecrackers, flying spinners, fountains, ground spinners, missiles, parachute fireworks, poppers, Roman candles, skyrockets, smoke fireworks, snakes, snaps, sparklers, strobes and wheels.

People already take way too many items with them that slow down the screening process and create endless lines. Even more so on days that have a high travel volume such as Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and of course July 4th as well.

When fireworks or sparklers are detected at a checkpoint, it results in a “bag check,” which requires a TSA officer to remove the bag from the screening belt, calling the passenger over to the side and then opening the bag to remove the prohibited items. After checking the bag for any other traces of explosives, the bag then needs to be rerun through the x-ray machine. This can result in a delay of several minutes for the traveler.

Frequent Fliers who like to avoid the hassle of standing in line with everybody else can sign up for TSA PreCheck or CLEAR expedited security. These two Trusted Traveler programs that LoyaltyLobby previously covered allow for a speedy airport experience.


It’s always the same at almost any security checkpoint in the world where people who don’t travel often slow down the entire process. Packing fireworks for sure set off explosive detectors so you get the picture of how long that’s gonna take to clear, even if the bag doesn’t contain the items anymore but have been used to transport them before it can still contain traces that the machines are able to detect.

So if you’re not already signed up for an expedited screening program better prepare for extended wait times the next coming days for U.S. travel.

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