Hyatt Gold Passport: Website Re-Design With Some Functionality Improvements – Check Your Profile!


Hyatt Gold Passport sent out an email announcing a relaunch of the Hyatt Website which got a design overhaul and some basic changes in the way the website works.

Hyatt Website

Hyatt had tremendous issues with the reliability of their IT systems ever since I can remember (way more than competitors) so I decided to have a look what these new changes are.

It is really just that has gotten a noteworthy facelift but since the main site reroutes quite often it might get a bit confusing to have two different design surfaces.

The drop down menu button in the upper right hand corner remains and you can the main account from there which will display as pictured above.

Design wise it’s very simple, the website shows you how many stays/nights are still required until you reach the next status level or re-qualification. It also shows ‘Diamond Member since (2008 in my case)’ but Hyatt completely eliminated displaying the Lifetime Points.

Previously the account showed how many points the member had accumulated to date but now this feature is gone. It wasn’t very useful though as these included all the promotional and bonus points as well which don’t count for Lifetime Diamond status where you require 1 Million Base points. Considering you earn 5 Base points per USD spend that requires 200,000 USD Investment with Hyatt over the years. Even though Hyatt includes the current count in their quarterly emails it would be maybe still a nice thing to dangle a carrot in front of the rabbits nose so to speak. Motivation!

They briefly displayed Courtesy Card benefits which have since been taken offline again. I can see the reason for that as it might produce plenty of member inquiries to receive that card even though the individuals are anything but the target group.

You should check your profile settings! I found that my entire room preferences and email settings have been erased and I had to adjust it again.


Hyatt Room Preferences

It’s not a big deal as most hotels don’t care about these settings anyway but it still shouldn’t have happened so it’s better that you have a quick look to adjust your preferences again.

I would have liked to see an option to apply Diamond Suite Upgrades online to avoid calling in for that but since we only get 4 each year I guess it isn’t too much of a burden to give them a ring.


The design they chose is very typical these days and follows the pattern of most of the competition. They pretty much all look alike right now with the different columns and clock-display buttons.

It might take some time to get used to the new design but overall I think it wasn’t a horrible choice. My beef was never with how the website looks but how it operates and from a reliability perspective it has been horrible. LoyaltyLobby has written ad nauseam about these Hyatt IT issues in the past ranging from long offline periods due to ‘maintenance’ during U.S. business hours to the inability to cancel some Gold Passport Reservations online or touch any reservation as soon as the hotel modified it in some way like upgrades or whatever internal setting. Their official Hyatt Mobile App is absolutely horrible as well. Lets hope (knock on wood) that they finally get this under control.

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