Reader Question: Changing Address Due To Promotion?

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent a question about changing the address on file with loyalty program to qualify for a promotion.

Reader Question Changing Address

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I read on the blog that from time to time you change your address registered in IHG (or any other chains) so you can register for a certain region specific promos, like share forever, priceless surprises, the 30k book direct Asia Pacific only, etc.

Is it safe for me to do that? Do you have any advice so I can keep doing that while keeping my account? Like how often, or something like that?

There are some programs that occasionally have region based promotions such as the IHG ones that you mentioned. There are others such as the double stay offer from Marriott Rewards (read more here) that is available for all others besides those that have their others in the US. Best Western Rewards occasionally has promotions too that are region specific.

I have legit addresses in North America, Europe and Asia that I can use to receive mail. I would not use an address from where any possible mail would bounce back.

Most of the time it doesn’t matter where your address is as majority of the promotions are global.

I don’t think that there is anything wrong changing your address couple of times a year. When I have completed region specific promo, I just usually leave my account there until there is another promo with different region requirement. These really doesn’t happen THAT often.


Many of the hotel loyalty programs are courting members in the Asia-Pacific region due to ever increasing living standards and not as good market penetration in case of US based chains.

It sometimes pays to be able to move your address from one region to another to take advantage of promotions that are out there.

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