Reader Question: IHG Rewards Club Share Forever Promotion Not Tracking?


A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped me an email about an issue he is having with the IHG Rewards Club’s Share Forever promotion. It is not tracking.

Reader Question IHG Rewards Club Share Forever Promo Not Tracking

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You can access IHG Rewards Club Share Forever here.

Here’s question from the reader:

Good Afternoon LL! I’m not sure if I’m in the right spot, but I’m getting frustrated with IHG and their Coke Share promotion.

About 1 a week I get an email stating sign up or register!! Here is todays (attached). When I go into it it says I’m registered with the 1000 pts issued for registering yet says I have 0 stays.

I have over 30 already since May, and they are not responding to me or my emails. I am Spire, is there anything further I can do?

Reader Question IHG Rewards Club Share Forever Promo Not Tracking Goals

The reader is not the only one that has issues with this promotion. I have had zero stays tracking to the Share Forever promo dashboard and I have had 19 eligible nights consumed since May 1.

As a matter of fact, I wrote about this very same issue a month ago (access here).

IHG Rewards Club claimed that I had NOT signed for the promotion, although I had an email confirmation from the proving otherwise. After I emailed it to them, then they claimed that there was some system issue and it had been reported.

I would encourage all that have issues with this promotion to contact IHG Rewards Club customer service. If Philippines is of no help, ask to be transferred to customer relations that should be in the US. Make sure that you call during US business hours.


I am slowly starting to lose my confidence on the IHG Rewards Club ability to properly run their promotions.

One could understand that there could be some issues when they first started to do these targeted offers but this is tenth or so time. All the possible issues should have been fixed by now alas that is not the case.

I have zero doubt that I will eventually get the points that I am due. If the dashboard never updates, the IHG Rewards Club probably manually credits the missing points and the free night award that I am due by now as well.

I will stop at the 31 nights for the promotion. There is no way that I would move enough stays from other chains to hit the 45 nights that would yield an additional 50,000 points.

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