Cheers! KLM To Introduce Heineken Beer On Draft During Their Flights


KLM and Heineken have collaborated on a special innovation that will make beer lovers happy during future flights as the airline will soon offer Heineken on draft during their flights.



The companies designed a special trolley cart that holds the beer keg and uses air pressure in lieu of carbon dioxide to serve it in proper quality.

I know quite a few people who will be happy about this as they are avid beer consumers, even in First and Business Class.

Conde Nast Traveler (access here) wrote about it yesterday.

First it was in-flight coffee, now it’s beer on planes getting a major upgrade. Soon, KLM will introduce a custom-made bar cart specifically designed for pouring the perfect pint of Heineken mid-flight. The airline and brewery, who are both Dutch, have been working together on the innovative new “beer tap trolley,” which keeps Heineken kegs chilled and prepped for dispersal. Serving draft beer at 35,000 feet is quite difficult, thanks to carbon dioxide pressurization at that altitude, which causes the beer to spray too hard from the tap. And no one wants to drink something that’s 90 percent foam.

The new keg system, which is exclusive to KLM flights, uses air pressure instead of the usual carbon dioxide and insulation to keep the beer fresh for a up to eight hours. Basically, the trolley acts as a giant thermos flask to keep the beer no more that 35 degrees Fahrenheit ( in temperature. KLM plans to introduce the first in-flight draft beer keg on selected flights in August once the airline receives the green light from aviation authorities.

Certainly a unique experience and much better quality than beer from the bottle (Especially Heineken).


I think the marketing value behind this is bigger than the practical value of handling this extra trolley. The article doesn’t say if it’s being offered in both Business and Economy Class but if they already have it on board then my good guess is they make it available to both classes of service. This means during meal service 3 carts have to come through, each serving 1. Regular Beverages, 2. The Beer Trolley and 3. Meals.

Not sure how happy the flight attendants are over this new gimmick but I give KLM credit for being innovative and keep their product fresh and appealing.

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