Delta Passengers Exposed To High Carbon Monoxide Levels – Flight Makes Emergency Landing


A dozen passengers on a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Denver fell suddenly ill, forcing an emergency landing in Tulsa, OK where elevated carbon monoxide levels were detected in passengers.

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The passengers suddenly complained about nausea, dizziness and rapid heart rates with some throwing up violently.

As soon as the plane touched down in Tulsa, emergency services attended to the passengers who quickly recovered after being exposed to fresh air.

ABC News reported about it yesterday (see here).

Some of the passengers who became ill on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Denver Saturday afternoon — prompting its diversion to Tulsa, Oklahoma — had elevated levels of carbon monoxide in their bodies, a Tulsa Fire Department official said Saturday evening.

The cause of the increased carbon monoxide levels was not yet determined. An investigation continues.

Once passengers went outside and got fresh air, their levels returned to normal, said fire department spokesman Stan May

“The flight crew of Delta flight 1817 from Atlanta to Denver elected to divert to Tulsa when a few customers reported feeling ill,” the Atlanta-based airline said in a statement Saturday afternoon. “The safety and security of our customers is our top priority.”

Initially, officials at Emergency Medical Services Authority in Tulsa said 100 people had been assessed, and nine reported having the same symptoms — but the cause was unknown.

Then later in the day, May released the information about the elevated carbon monoxide levels, adding that the number of people complaining of symptoms had risen 12. One person was taken to a hospital, but he said it was not related to the carbon monoxide.

Delta mechanics were reportedly checking out the engines and other systems. A commentator on the ABC program said the cause must be something ‘inherently problematic with one or more of the engines’.


The flight crew reacted quickly and requested the emergency landing so that the passengers received help before more of them fell ill. Hopefully Delta can figure out whats wrong with that plane so the incident wont repeat itself.

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