Compensation Clinic: Hilton Garden Inn Saratoga Springs

This week the Compensation Clinic case comes from an after midnight walk from Hilton Garden Inn Saratoga Springs (NY) hotel by a LoyaltyLobby reader.

Compensation Clinic Hilton Garden Inn Saratoga Springs

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You can access Hilton Garden Inn Saratoga Springs website here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

Hilton Garden Inn-Saratoga Springs NY

Hhonors member, Diamond status

Back to back reservations (7/15-16, 16-17)

Used points, 50,000 per stay

Booked additional room 15-17th , roughly $325/night.

E-checked in on the 14th, room 420

Called 3pm on the day of arrival to let them know I e-checked in but was going to get to the hotel around -12:30am-no problem, no worries per the hotel.

At check-in, I was told I was being relocated at a Best Western 4 miles down the road. They said they left a message, but the message was 27 seconds and it was staticky hotel music.

Friend with paid reservation’s key card read 420-crossed out and room 138 was on it -she checked in under her name which was on the reservation. She was given a fan due to mechanical issues-air conditioner didn’t work.

While at the desk, a couple came in and checked in? Questioned how this could happen, I was told there were no rooms available and was told my room, 420 had mechanical issues and the air condoner unit had been removed, they were not allowed to use that room.

Manager and night auditor both waited on me.

I was pretty upset that people just walked in and got a room. I was told by clerk, Erich, it was because they were part if the wedding party.

Next morning my friend was moved from accessible room to room 408 and her room was being comped, she called to say the couple who stood by me at the desk and checked-in came out of room 420. Housekeeping let me peek at the room and I took a photo to prove it was inhabited.

Manager apologized, said my points would be returned. I stayed with friends who rented a house a mile away and she said she would pay for my night there as well.

Hhonors felt Diamond member should have been placed in the room. Management felt Diamond ruled, Corporate felt the same way.

My compensation, 2 Be My Guests certificates, 50,000 points and a free night at the Saratoga HGI.

As a follow up-the manager, Jennifer from Saratoga told me they had to comp the people they put in 420 due to no air conditioning! Jennifer said she had no idea Erich put people in 420.


Hilton HHonors Diamond member should have been the absolute last guest they walked. Also, the reader had checked in online and informed that he would be arriving very late. Hotel should have been better prepared and walked someone else.

I have to say, however, that the compensation that the reader received was very good. When you use Be My Guest certificate (read more here), make sure that it is at very expensive property. The offending hotel will end up getting the bill.

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