Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport Racks Up Security Following Terror Threat Indications

Amsterdam-Schiphol, the Netherlands biggest airport has racked up their security levels and conducted searches following indications of possible terror threats.

SchipholAuthorities say the Netherlands is considered a prominent target after several terror attacks in Europe and work on improving security measures.

After months of security alerts and multiple terror attacks in France and Germany the Netherlands are now also taking extra precautions and secure their most risk prone landmarks among other measures.

Forbes Magazine (see here) reported about the announcement of the Dutch authorities.

Dutch police conducted security searches around Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport on Saturday in response to “indications” of a threat, an official said, causing traffic jams during the busy summer holiday season.

The National Coordinator for Counter-terrorism and Security Policy (NCTV) provided no details of the possible threat, but it said extra security measures were implemented, including vehicle searches.

“There was a (threat) indication related to the airport,” said spokesman Edmond Messchaert. “The increased measures are intended to ensure the safety of people working at the airport and travelers.”

The national threat level in the Netherlands was unchanged at “substantial,” or one notch from the highest.

These are difficult times for European countries who are caught in the middle between combating terrorism and also admitting refugees from the Middle East on a large scale into the continent who can’t be vetted properly due to the pressing situation and sheer numbers.

Europe and it’s open border concept came under recent scrutiny and is currently subject to a debate between not only security experts on a national level but also the common population some of whom fear that their government acted irresponsibly by admitting too many refugees who could pose a security risk.


The incidents in both France and Germany are reason enough for authorities throughout Europe to heighten their security levels at public hot spots. Airports are historically a popular target for terrorism and have always been subject to extra safety levels with the current situation unfortunately also brings many inconveniences to travelers within Europe.