Hong Kong Airport & Cathay Pacific Flight Delays & Cancellations Due To Typhoon Nida

Those that are traveling to/from or via Hong Kong over the next couple of days or flying on Cathay Pacific should make sure that their flights are operating.

HKG Typhoon

There is a typhoon Nida hitting Hong Kong in the next few hours and Cathay Pacific has canceled all the flights to/from Hong Kong between 10PM August 1 – 2PM HKT on August 2.

You can access Cathay Pacific web page for the announcement here.

Here’s what Flightstats show for current flights:

HKG Typhoon Flightstats


Remember that if you are flying to Hong Kong from any of the European countries where EC 261/2004 applies or flying from Hong Kong on any community carrier the airline is required to provide care (hotel accommodation and meals).

If you are flying from European Union countries and you are merely connecting in Hong Kong, the airline is require to rebook you on other airlines to your final destination bypassing Hong Kong.

This typhoon will cause havoc on Cathay Pacific for several days. Airplanes and flight crews are not in the right places etc. You should check your flight info.

I am scheduled to fly on Cathay Pacific intra-Asia on Wednesday and again on Thursday. I would expect these flights to operate.