United Airlines MileagePlus “Enhancements” Effective October 6, 2016 (Race To The Bottom Continues)


United Airlines made an announcement today about “enhancements” to its MileagePlus frequent flier program effective October 6, 2016.

United Airlines MileagePlus Enhancements

United will discontinue stopover on round-trips awards, there are higher change fees for most and round-the-world awards are discontinued altogether.

You can access United’s web page for these changes here.

New fees:

United Airlines MileagePlus Enhancements Fees

Current fees:

United Airlines MileagePlus Enhancements Current Fees

Platinum members haven’t had any change or redeposit fees previously. Premier Gold members see their change fees upped to $75 from 21 days. Previously free changes were allowed for travel more than 21 days before and soon 60 days.

Stopover Changes

United will remove the free stopover from round-trip awards that has been beneficial for many.


The race to the bottom among the American frequent flier programs continue. These changes mean that most will pay more fees for issuing awards and effectively the awards prices are increasing for those that have taken advantage of stopovers on round trip itineraries.

United is trying to put lipstick on a pig with its communication about these “enhancements”.

I believe that being loyal to any one airline is dead. People should buy their itineraries on schedule and price.