Fabulous Fridays: Fixing Things While Traveling

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Fabulous Fridays this week is about using healthcare facilities in other countries while traveling to fix things while saving money and time.

Fabulous Fridays Fixing Things While Traveling

The other week I needed to pay a visit to a doctor to get small thing fixed. There are quite a few hospital and clinics that both western and Thai customers use in Bangkok. The most well known is probably Bumrungrad in Sukhumvit but I have used BNH that is located in Soi Convent (Silom).

During my previous visit few months ago had to see two doctors and got some meds. The bill was $100. This time the visit and medication was roughly $50 including complimentary follow up.

I have done all my dental work for the past 10 or so years in Bangkok too including root canal, fillings and a crown. Couldn’t really be happier with the service received relatively to the price paid.


Tonsils have given me quite a bit of trouble lately and probably need to have them removed next year. Will likely do this also in Thailand, although could get them fixed “free” in Finland as well. By paying I can choose the time and place most convenient for me.

Considering how expensive it is to get some medical procedures done in western countries the savings can easily pay for the trip.

As is the case with most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for. If you are considering doing something outside of your place of residence, I would go with the established hospitals/facilities.