OK Or Not? InterContinental Singapore After Stay Survey Reminder?


Many hotels try to ensure that their feedback ratings on various formats such as TripAdvisor or hotel chain’s own platform are as good as possible.


Then there are these after stay survey emails that loyalty program members often receive after their directly booked stays. Many hotels are internally ranked based on how well they perform on these surveys and sometimes pay could also be linked to them.

You can access InterContinental Singapore’s website here.

Let me start saying that I do like the InterContinental hotel in Singapore a lot and they have treated me very well on my most recent stays. There were some challenges few years ago with Royal Ambassador treatment.

I am not, however, he fan of these emails asking me to rank them well or to contact them if I couldn’t give them the best possible score on all areas. Also, it is very difficult to exceed expectations.


This email is worded very well and it doesn’t come across overly pushy. I am not 100% sure how they have automated sending of these as they do come from this managers email address. I doubt that the person would be manually sending these all out.

Actually, I don’t mind getting something like this every once in a while. It appears, however, that this property sends one out after each and every stay.

The reason why I am pointing this email out is that a friend commented today, when I was working on my laptop, that I had 26K unopened emails on Gmail. Getting several emails from each and every stay from reservation confirmations to after stay surveys won’t help.