InterContinental Moscow’s Minibar Gets Royal Ambassador Treatment


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about Royal Ambassador treatment at the InterContinental hotel in Moscow where the hotel is cutting corners.

InterContinental Moscow Minibar

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You can access InterContinental Moscow’s website here:

Here’s the email from the reader:

I am Royal Ambassador member in Intercontinental program.

I want to share with you Royal Ambassador Privileges in Moscow Intercontinental.

I stayed this hotel few times and every time I met very interesting hotel policy.

In may and June I booked 1 night stay in this hotel deluxe room and got upgrade to superior room with Lounge access.

After my second stay they tried to charge me for the second guest, who was included in booking and stayed in my room.

I refused to pay, because in program rules indicated, that Royal ambassador benefits applies to Royal ambassador personal room.

After that, on my third stay they gave me an upgrade to suite without lounge access.

The fourth time they decided to make a new innovation  – they deleted all alcoholic drinks from mini bar and provided only 1 bottle of white wine.

After I asked to change the room, they were ready, but asked to wait to prepare it. I insisted to look mini bar in room for «ordinary guests»

First picture is mini bar in my room, the second – mini bar for ordinary guests.

What do you think about it.

I had a long chatting with IHG and Royal Ambassador Center and they they tried to ensure me, that the hotel can charge me for the second guest, because nothing mentioned about it in program rules. And the hotel can make such restrictions in mini bar policy because there is no mini bar standards. But after a long chatting they offered a compensation in 15000 points for my last stay.

Royal Ambassador minibar:

InterContinental Moscow Minibar RA

Regular minibar:

InterContinental Moscow Minibar Regular


This reminds me of InterContinental Kuala Lumpur that used to have special minibar only for Royal Ambassador members and had specific (fake) room type where RA members would be upgraded that was not available for sale at all. Basically a regular room.

Typically behavior such as this indicates that the hotel is struggling and has revenue issues. Why would they otherwise be this petty? Royal Ambassador members are eligible for complimentary minibar beverages.

The reader contacted Ambassador service center and reported the issues. The reader should also leave appropriate feedback on both TripAdvisor and IHG’s own platform. I am glad that the IHG gave him 15,000 points for the inconvenience.