Compensation Clinic: InterContinental The Clement Monterey


This week the Compensation Clinic case deals with a reader’s less than perfect stay at the InterContinental hotel the Clement in Monterey (California).

Compensation Clinic InterContinental The Clement Monterey

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You can access InterContinental The Monterey’s website here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

I had an interesting stay at the Intercontinental The Clement in Monterey. I booked, with cash and points, a night on our anniversary drive up the PCH from San Diego, and this was supposed to be THE best night of the trip.

After driving from Santa Barbara, mostly on Hwy 1, so a LONG drive, what with the curves, etc, we arrived at about 9:30 PM. To find that we were booked into a room with two double beds. There was, according to the desk clerk, only one other room in the hotel available, a room with a queen. We decided to take it, as, really? A room with two DOUBLE beds in a five star hotel?

When we walked in, a cursory inspection showed that it was a good sized room with, as advertized, a queen bed. We walked out on to the shared balcony with five other rooms, and admired the view. Then walked back in, and the door wouldn’t lock.

Called down to have the door fixed, and went for a very late dinner. Came back, and now the door wouldn’t open. I looked closer at the bed, which was a Murphy bed, and basically, a mattress and box spring on the floor.

The engineer fixed the door, and we could get ready for bed and watch some TV. Which wasn’t working. Two women from the front desk came up, told us that the wire behind the TV was loose, fiddled with it for a bit, and the TV came on.

Got into the bed, which was more uncomfortable than the old mattress we got rid of a year ago. The springs in the mattress literally pressed into my legs.

Husband went down to the desk to express our severe displeasure with the accommodations. We slept, poorly.

The next morning, I was offered 10K points. This is IHG: 10K points is worth about $45. When I stated that it was an insult, I was offered 20K points. I refused, and we were told that the manager would call us within an hour, as we were leaving for breakfast, and he was in a meeting.

The manager called me, and I told him that a hotel of that caliber shouldn’t be selling rooms with double beds, in the first place, as they are not long enough for the majority of people. And to call the room we had, normally used for wedding parties to change into their gowns and refresh make up, a guest room was a terrible disservice to their guests.

Ultimately, I was offered the points I’d spent, 60K, refunded. The cash was, apparently, a sunk cost. He also offered to take better care of us if we come back to that hotel.

Not the best solution, but acceptable.


I have stayed at this hotel few years ago and it didn’t quite feel InterContinental. Not sure if it would perfectly fit any of the IHG’s brands. At the time the hotel was franchised not that this should make any difference on the guest treatment.

The hotel is not able to reverse the cash part of the Points + Cash reservation as you are essentially just buying points from the IHG and then redeeming at the full points cost.

It is difficult to get the lost time back and recover from badly slept night. I would, however, consider the 60,000 points as an adequate compensation. The hotel refunded your stay.

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