Delta IT Meltdown – Flights Grounded

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If you are traveling on Delta Air Lines today, you probably need plenty of patience and should check whether the flight is operating.

Delta System Meltdown

Delta is having a system wide IT outage that is preventing from passengers to check in to printing flue loads and everything in between.

Airlines usually try to get international and transcontinental flights out as soon as possible. Expect plenty of disruptions to express and short-haul mainline flights even when the system comes back online.


This outage will have an effect for international flights for couple of dates due to crews timing out and both personnel and aircraft being out of place.

Reminder for those affected passengers that were due to fly on Delta from the European Union countries that Delta is required to rebook you on other airlines and provide duty and care. If the flight is severely delayed, you are probably due to 600 euros in cash compensation.