Have You Used Innovative Payment Methods At Hotels (Apple Pay, Alipay etc) ?


As I’m traveling in China this week I was surprised that more and more hotels and businesses offer the use of innovative payment options such as Apple Pay and the Chinese version AliPay.

Hotel PaymentsWhile checking in at the Hilton Beijing I noticed they now accept Apple Pay as well.

The Chinese market is very innovative when it comes to the support of mobile based technologies. You can pay with AliPay, Apple Pay etc at various stores incl McDonalds and e-cupons that are scanned off the mobile device are very common as well.

Seeing these payment methods at hotels during this trip was new to me as they weren’t displayed before when I visited Beijing and Shanghai last time in April.

While I can see the point for smaller purchases where using mobile payments can be very convenient I can’t make out the advantages for payments at hotels. Are people really filling up their e-wallets with large balances?


I guess time will tell how successful and universally accepted this way of payment is going to be but for now it looks very wide spread already especially in Asia. China is a huge market for these technologies to make a breakthrough especially since most people still don’t carry a credit card but instead use alternative options which are naturally cash or debit card.

Are you using Apple pay and would you settle your hotel bill with it?