READER QUESTION: Qatar Airways Changes Schedule & Separate Feeder Ticket


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email question regarding a Qatar Airways schedule change that is causing issues with a separately purchased feeder ticket.

READER QUESTION Qatar Airways Changes Schedule & Separate Feeder Ticket

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have been following your blog for few years and found it it very useful. As an expert flyer I would like to seek you view on the following problem.

I bought “cheap” Qatar Airway business tickets to Bangkok in January, departure from Arlanda. By that time I did know that they will start to fly also from Helsinki. The travel itself will take place in December.

In April I booked the connecting AY flights Helsinki – Arlanda. I booked the first leg so that there is (a safe) 2.5h connecting time In Arlanda.

Last week the travel agency issued new tickets for Qatar A since they have chanced the departure time by 1h 15min ahead ie I have only 1h 15min for the connection which is not enough to change the terminal. I’m not able to change AY tickets, is there any resposibility for Qatar for their time schedule change or am I forced to just buy new AY tickets?

This is an issue with which I am battling sometimes as well when buying strategically priced tickets from various cities. Should I fly in the day before and be sure that schedule changes won’t wreck the connection or should I fly the same day and perhaps throw away the ticket?

As you pointed out, there is no responsibility from Finnair’s part to do anything as you purchased a separate ticket from them. As far as Qatar Airways is concerned, you purchased a return ticket on them from Stockholm to Bangkok via Doha.

When you purchase airline tickets far in advance as was the case here, there are often schedule changes along the way.

There is nothing wrong trying to contact the Qatar Airways office in HELSINKI to see if they are willing to work with you. I would explain that they weren’t flying from Helsinki when the ticket was issued and now their schedule change in Stockholm is causing issues.


If you are flying on separate tickets, you must be willing to throw some of them away at times and just buy new ones.

I always try to fly in the day before to make absolute sure that there are no issues in case of flight delays or occasional strikes that do happen in Europe.

I tend to buy airline tickets at most couple of months before (unless there is a really good sale) and thus there are not that often significant schedule changes.

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