READER QUESTION: IHG Won’t Publish Holiday Inn Express Review?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email regarding a review that he had left (or at least tried to leave) on both TripAdvisor and IHG’s own review platform. The latter one had been denied.

IHG Won't Publish

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You can access the Holiday Inn Express Cardiff Bay IHG reviews here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

I have just had a review for a HIE in Cardiff (Wales) refused stating that the review mentioned another hotel group, it does not, however it does contain a comment about the safety of the breakfast area so I wonder if HIE are managing their reviews to avoid embarrassment. If this is the case then their stated aim of having unbiased reviews looks a little lame doesn’t it? Here is the review they refused, it actually gave the hotel 5 stars(!), it is on Trip Advisor, so their efforts to suppress it were not very effective!


Brilliant Staff

The friendliest welcome I have had in many years, not just from FOH staff but from everyone! Location is perfect, 10 minutes walk to Mermaid Quay and 15 to the City centre (a lovely walk along the canal that runs by the hotel).

The only thing to be wary of is breakfast, it is badly laid out (a hot toaster right next to the fridge so it is VERY easy to burn yourself when opening the fridge, especially when it is busy), the plates are also right in a corner where the hot food is kept so you have to join the hot food queue just to get your plate! So avoid busy times if you can.

Overall however this is a great hotel and we cannot wait to return.

I pulled up the reader’s TripAdvisor review and saw nothing bad about it or referring to other property. The hotel in question had several negative reviews left on IHG’s own platform such as the one below:

IHG Won't Publish IHG

I believe that the reviews left are read by IHG’s folks sitting on their desks in Manila. Someone must have pressed the wrong button and the automated email stating that your review was not accepted was sent.


There are certainly sometimes issues with both TripAdvisor reviews and those left on hotel chains’ own platforms but not in this case.

Even TripAdvisor allows properties to contest reviews and have them removed (one of mine was gone). Hotel chains usually have very stringent requirements what can and cannot be published.

In general, I have found the TripAdvisor and other reviews to be overly positive and usually reflect how guests have felt getting value for their money rather than how good or bad the property really is.

I usually have a look at the negative reviews first and how the property has or hasn’t responded to them. On IHG’s case, if the property is slow at leaving feedback for negative reviews, the team in Manila copy/pastes some usual nonsense. You can read my piece about IHG’s Social Listening here.