Bombings In Thailand – How Safe Is A Visit To The Kingdom Nowadays?


Thailand is a very popular travel destination for many of our LoyaltyLobby readers and whenever there are major events such as this weeks bombings we try to cover those and how airlines/hotel chains react.

Thailand Bombings

Opposite to the last bombing in Bangkok this time airlines have been awfully quiet about re-booking waivers that would offer people to cancel or change their flights free of charge.

After checking with all the major carriers websites I actually didn’t find any airline at all that offers a travel waiver under the current circumstances.

CNN (see here) reported about eleven bombings within a day that left four dead and 36 people injured.

Five provinces in Thailand have been hit by 11 bombings in less than a day, authorities say

At least four Thai nationals have been killed and about 36 others were injured, including 10 foreigners, according to Anurak Amornpetchsathaporn with the Ministry of Public Health.

No one has claimed responsibility for the blasts, and it’s not clear if the bombings are connected Thai police say there’s no evidence the attacks are related to international terrorism.

“These incidents are different from the usual terrorism acts. They are more local sabotage on certain locations and provinces,” Deputy Police Spokesman Maj. Gen. Piyapan Pingmuang said at a news conference Friday.

Political unrest has in recent years roiled Thailand, resulting at times in protests. The series of blasts comes days before the first anniversary of the Erawan Shrine bombing, which killed 20 people, and five days after the country voted on a new constitution.

From the mouth of the local authorities this is being reduced to domestic terrorism without any further motivation such as IS linkage.

In the meanwhile the embassies are warning their citizens to stay alert and avoid certain areas where many people gather together (naturally most touristy places).

Here is the information for U.S citizens provided by the U.S. Embassy Bangkok

The British Home Office (access here) also warned their citizens.

There is a high threat from terrorism. There have been recent incidents in Bangkok, including a bomb explosion on 17 August 2015 which resulted in numerous casualties including the death of a British national. You should follow the advice of the local authorities, monitor local media reports and remain vigilant.


At some point many visitors will ask themselves the question if it’s still worth it to visit Thailand for touristic reasons. It’s unnecessary to take extra risks when once can avoid it. That being said however there is something going on anywhere in the world these days and one really can’t be certain where to be safe.Should you still wish to cancel your holiday you should first get in touch with your travel providers (airline, hotel, tour operators) to see if they offer you any option. Should they refuse to offer a complimentary cancellation you can inquire how much it would cost you and then conctact your travel insurance afterwards to see if this case is covered.

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