Reader Question: Le Club AccorHotels 25,000 Points Within 12 Months But No Platinum Status?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question regarding failing to get Le Club AccorHotels Platinum status despite earning the required 25,000 points over a 12 month period.

Reader Question Le Club AccorHotels 25,000 Points Within 12 Months But No Platinum Status

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You can access Le Club AccorHotels here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

I have been following your blog since 3 years and found it very useful. As an expert I would like to seek your view on problem I have with Accor.

I have collected more than 25000 between 10th of July 2015 and 10th of July 2016 and still have gold status only. Full export as well as communication wirh Accor is bellow in email (please do not publish personal information 😉 ). However I haven not received Platinum because some points have actually expired earlier than before 12 months.  I am referring here to:

10/07/2015 10/07/2015 Boost May 2015 0 4000
10/07/2015 10/07/2015 APACTRIPLE2015 0 3322
10/07/2015 10/07/2015 Points Accelerator 0 399

Accor is not able to answer to that query logically and after 3rd attempt they have started to ignore me at all. I have checked Accor T&C’s and it says clearly that points validity is 12 months always. Any idea how I can escalate this?

Is there anyone else who collected 25000k points and have not received platinum ?

Here’s the email to the Le Club AccorHotels Customer Service:

I am contacting you because I have been unsuccessfully obtaining for Platinum status due to some points expiration quicker than after 12 months. Between 10/07/2015 and 10/07/2016 I have collected 27062 points. All of them visible in my account – REMOVED. Therefore, accordingly to the Le Club policies I shall receive Platinum status. Unfortunately, some of my points expired earlier than after 12 months. I feel bit disappointed because I was looking for getting this upgrade by trying to accomplish additional stays in last weeks.

Could you please check why some of my points have expired quicker than after 12 months and have not been counted towards the status?

And here’s the reply that doesn’t deal with the question at all:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Following your request, we are very happy to provide you with details about the different statuses of our Le Club AccorHotels loyalty programme.

New members join the loyalty programme with Classic status.

The number of nights stayed or points earned during a 12-month period (365 days) enables you to access Elite status levels:

• Access Silver status from 10 nights or 2,500 points collected,

• Benefit from Gold status from 30 nights or 10,000 points collected,

• Enjoy Platinum status from 60 nights or 25,000 points collected.

And here’s the reader’s reply:

I have not received an answer to my question. Therefore I would like to follow up.  Between 10/07/2015 and 10/07/2016 I have collected 27062 points. 27062 is more than 25000 – minimum for the Platinum status. Therefore, could you please check why Platinum status has not been granted to my profile?

And here’s the follow up from Le Club AccorHotels (at least they read the email now):

This is in reference to your Le Club AccorHotels account status.

After thorough checking, we confirmed that you accumulated from July 23, 2015 to July 10, 2016 19,350 loyalty points and 25 hotel night stays. Which is why you are being informed that you have maintained your Gold Le Club AccorHotels membership.

You can track your activity in points and nights on your account homepage:

1. Go to your « Account »
2. Enter your email address or your Le Club AccorHotels card number and your password

Thank you for your trust and let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Looking forward to welcome you soon in one of our hotel, thank you for your loyalty in AccorHotels Group.

And here’s the reply from the reader:

I am very disappointed with your analysis as I have indicated period between July 10, 2015  and July 10, 2016 and your analysis are not reflecting it at all. Please find extract of my account showing that during mentioned period I have collected 27068 points which shall give me platinum status.

Please justify why Platinum status can not be granted to my person? It is the last try I am trying before I will escalate the issue.

Here’s the spreadsheet that I checked:

Reader Question Le Club AccorHotels 25,000 Points Within 12 Months But No Platinum Status Table

Le Club AccorHotels counts ALL the points earned towards status until the end of this year regardless of how they are earned. Next year only the number of nights or number of base points will count (read more here).

Seems that as long as the data proved by the reader is correct (I have no reason to believe otherwise) his status should have been upgraded to Platinum.

Not sure why some of the points posted July 10 2015 would have dropped earlier than 12 months later from the points that count towards the status. Seems that the person replying and doing the tally hasn’t fully comprehended the issue OR the dates on the Accor’s system are different.

Here’s what the reader can do:

1. Post Le Club AccorHotels Facebook page about the issue


2. Tweet about it

Companies often have executive customer service personnel that handle more complicated issues.

One more option is to use Linkedin and search the name of the person that runs the Le Club AccorHotels for Accor and send the person an email.

Many companies (including Accor) uses the following email syntax:


The Achilles heel of Le Club AccorHotels is the lack of proper customer service when things don’t go as planned such as promotional points not posting. It appears as if their customer service personnel are not empowered or unable to make things right.

I hope that the reader gets this email exchange sent to someone that can actually fix the issue and hope that the reader keeps us informed of the outcome.