British Airways To Introduce Paid Snack Items On Long-Haul Flights (All Crap!)


British Airways has been busy lately “enhancing” their food and beverage options in economy class and even scaling down first class too.

British Airways Paid Snacks

The airline dropped the second meal on some long-haul flights and “enhanced” complimentary food away besides some crisps on many European routes as well. Now the airline is introducing paid snack items on long-haul flights effective August 24, 2016.

Starving passengers can purchase Pringles chips, M&Ms or Malteser for an undisclosed amount of cash. This is introduced on a trial basis but certainly will be expanded to other flights later.


The current CEO of British Airways came from a Spanish Low Cost Carrier (LCC) airline called Vueling (part of the same holding company – IAG) that charges for everything. Seems that they are in a process of introducing the same “pay for everything” model without the LCC pricing for British Airways flights as well.

Considering that the airline competes against full service airlines such as Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways that already provide far superior experience in all classes compared to tired British Airways (I am a BA GGL and Concorce Room card holder), it is difficult to recommend anyone to use the airline on non-direct routes if there is competition.

Many other airlines have been bringing back services that were cut during the time when the oil was prices much higher. British Airways is an outlier here.