MGM Hotels In Las Vegas Have Lots Of Trouble Handling Their New Parking Fees


In January we wrote about the plan of MGM Hotels in Las Vegas to start charging Casino and Hotel guests for parking, something that has always been complimentary so far anywhere in Las Vegas.

LV MGM Parking

Even though MGM announced that their MLife Status customers would be exempt from these fees I experienced that the resorts have big difficulties actually making that process seamless.

This last weekend I was visiting Las Vegas for three days and stayed at the Mirage and Bellagio while also driving a car (it’s just too hot to walk everywhere right now).

You can find our article from May where MGM announced their fee waivers here.

I already expected something to be going wrong as plenty of Las Vegas discussion boards were fuming over MGM’s introduction of the parking fees but I prefer to try something myself before I start bashing it.

The garage entrance is now equipped with automatic gates and there is an attendant who will ask you to insert your card. Needless to say that’s where the problem started. The card wasn’t able to be read by the gate and the attendant asked if I had a second one (which I did). That one as well didn’t work so it was pretty clear the gates were the issue.

Then you will be given the runaround, sent to the MLife Desk or your Casino host… all this for parking so that MGM can make 8 bucks off someone who actually has to pay for it. In the meanwhile those who are entitled to a fee waiver are annoyed to the max.


No doubt MGM is seeing this matter with the parking fees as a good source of revenue but at what cost? They obviously don’t have the infrastructure under control  so why continue to annoy the customers who come to your casinos to gamble (and mostly lose money)?

Let’s hope they get this under control because the MLife people said that the garage is actually operated by a third party now.