American Airlines: Worst On Time Performance In June Out Of All U.S. Carriers Per DOT Report!


American Airlines has yet another ‘certificate of excellence’ with the latest ATC Report (issued by the Department of Transportation) stating American as the airline with the most flight delays in the U.S.

AA OTPThe DOT issues this report monthly and it reflects not only the performance of airlines in terms of timely operations but also customer service and lapses thereof, taking consumer complaints into account.

Whenever you have an issue with an airline that can’t be solved properly through their customer relations department you can file a complaint with the Department of Transportation Air Consumer Division which will then contact the airline on your behalf.

Irrespective of the outcome, these complaints will be used in the monthly statistic with total complaints where each airline is reflected. Showing up on top as the airline with the most complaints is an honor none of the carriers really desires.

As far as operations are concerned, the DOT monitors the movements of departures and arrivals throughout the country and also uses this data as part of their statistical analysis.

Here is the entire report if you’re curious how it looks like:

Download (PDF, 937KB)

Based on the data, American Airlines had the worst on time performance of all carriers, operating only 72.4% of all flights on time which puts them well behind their competitors.

Overall consumer complaints received by the DOT dropped 27 percent to 1,492 complaints in June and mishandled baggage rate dropped to 2.82 reports per 1,000 passengers, down from 3.47 in June 2015.

On Wednesday I wrote about how American handled a flight delay from Los Angeles to Las Vegas last weekend (see here) and if that’s reflective of anything then I can absolutely support the ranking of AA as worst performing airline of them all.


It’s important to not only complain to the airline but also file DOT complaints as this is what really hurts the airline in terms of published data. The DOT report is made available to the public and complaints can also cause the government to levy fines on carriers who repeatedly mistreat passengers or even violate the law.

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