Reader Question: Korean Air Intra-Asia Awards Not Available Using GOL Smiles?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question about using GOL Smiles on Korean Air flights within Asia. The award availability seems to have disappeared.

GOL Smiles Korean Air

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Have you recently tried redeeming Gol Smiles in Asia Zone operating by Korean Air? Any destinations were easily found till May, but now no longer it’s available. I tried various destinations, with different date ranges till next year, but there were no result coming.

I wonder whether Korean Air blocked award ticket for Smiles. Smiles replied that I should try with different dates which I already tried.

I have not redeemed Smiles for Korean Air flights but I know that Sebastian did earlier in the year.


Just checked and it does appear that no Korean Air flights within intra-Asia are available using Gol Smiles. They do appear to be available using Flying Blue miles, however.


The reply that the reader received from Gol makes very little or no sense at all. Probably just a call center employee that didn’t bother check anything.

There are a few possibilities:

1. GOL Smiles is blocking Korean Air award space

2. Korean Air is blocking GOL Smiles redemptions

3. The Link between the airlines is down


GOL Smiles is an earn or purchase miles (Smiles in this instance) and burn program. You shouldn’t “bank” miles with them as the number of Smiles required for award redemptions can change overnight without any notice (they have done this).

As this is a Brazilian company, I would forget the customer service. Could be worth posting something on their Facebook and see what their reply is.

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