Reminder: Appropriate Clothing At Hotel Restaurants Is A Courtesy Towards Other Guests


I had my fair share of travel in Asia & U.S. this month and don’t know where to start but the attire in which some guests are attending meals in hotel restaurants leaves everything to be desired in many cases.

Breakfast W TPE

I’m not sure if there is even a question of the sort if someone should attend the buffet breakfast in a bathrobe and slippers.

As I was visiting the W Taipei this week where I had a very comfortable stay in a nice suite I encountered the young lady pictured above one morning while having breakfast at The Kitchen Table.

Now, the restaurant is right adjacent the swimming pool so she might not necessarily just have gotten out of the bed but the absence of swimwear and PJ’s instead says otherwise.

Not that I’m complaining about young ladies in rather casual wear moving throughout the hotel (especially this property) but there seem to be little inhibitions to just swing by breakfast in this attire. I seriously wondered though why the restaurant staff didn’t step in to ask the lady to change. This hotel commands rates of more than $350 USD per night so it shouldn’t be too much to ask the guests to at least keep to some standard.


This particular guest was definitely from mainland China as she spoke to her friend in a Shanghainese dialect but this isn’t even the point of the article. I also detest any sort of Pyjama or Juicy Couture being worn in restaurants (or or airplanes) which is something you see more frequently than one would like.

The hotel should enforce a light dress code in such cases. It isn’t even a dress code to ask guests to please wear regular clothes. For a hotel like W Taipei even shorts and T-Shirt is totally fine as it has a really relaxed party atmosphere.