Boozy Skies? United Flight UA162 GLA-EWR Delayed 10 Hours By Drunk Cockpit

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Seems that the United Airlines cockpit crew had had few too many nightcaps on Friday night in Glasgow to operate the flight to Newark on Saturday morning.

United Airlines Boozy Skies

The flight UA162 ended up leaving close to 10 hours late before United was able to procure a sober crew. Apparently the captain had not partaken to the booze filled festivities.

United Airlines Boozy Skies UA162

Here’s an excerpt from Daily Record (access the piece here):

TWO pilots were arrested yesterday after allegedly attempting to board their transatlantic flight while drunk.

Police were called to Glasgow Airport after concerns were raised as the pair tried to pass through a staff check-in before the 9am flight.

The United Airlines flight UA162 to Newark, New Jersey, was grounded after they were detained.

The incident came six weeks after another two pilots suspected of being over the limit were arrested at Glasgow before they took charge of a long-haul passenger flight.

The United Airlines pair are being held over the weekend at Govan police station, about five miles from the airport.


Reminder that every passenger on this flight is eligible for the EC 261/2004 compensation that is 600 euros in cash. Drunk pilots are not an extraordinary circumstance that would allow the airline to decline the payment.

These cockpit crew members will probably have to consider changing their profession due to this incident if found guilty. They really should know better than boozing before 9AM flight out.

Glad that the airport or airline employees alerted the police preventing them flying.